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Corporate culture

Marketing Advertising
Green project to build a green China

Landis style
Adhere to the responsibility, refined in refinement

Landis eight Values
Customers - growing source of corporate life - only their own progress, enterprises can progress
Harmony - drop the ego, to get the results of efficiency - the shortest, fastest and highest
Wisdom - than hard work ingeniously responsible - with their lives to defend the exchange with their lives
Focus - Focus with love innovation and investment intentions - and innovation continues to lead

Landis idea
Philosophy: persistent, aggressive, fearless
Team concept: Unlike the waves of sand colliding to shine like a star-like saving another idea: conservation is the responsibility of saving the character, save the glory
Marketing idea: grab the market, expand channels, to win the future service concept: love-oriented, demand for the center
Quality concept: character to the product, quality creates brand brand philosophy: ideas determine, to a large can be bigger
Business philosophy: Life is no failure, only to give up in advance of action philosophy: take the initiative, fast action
Development concept: to retreat to give as take in order to allow for the collection of survival concept: win prosperity and adversity to redouble their efforts
Implementation of the concept: absolute obedience, no excuses, do Employing the concept immediately: talents are assets, liabilities mediocre talent
Management philosophy: enthusiastic leadership, management ruthless, unfeeling system

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