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Xuzhou Daily: Holding a group to compete for orders during overseas exhibitions
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Xuzhou Daily: Holding a group to compete for orders during overseas exhibitions


On the afternoon of March 24th, in the factory of Xuzhou Feiya Wood Industry Co., Ltd. in Guanhu Town, Pizhou, more than 50 production lines were operating at full speed, and the continuous influx of overseas orders enabled the enterprise to start a non-stop production mode. The orders received from the exhibition this time have already been arranged until June, "said Liu Xiyin, the sales director of the company who had just participated in the International Wood and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition from Dubai." This trip to Dubai has yielded a lot.

Feiya Wood Industry is just a microcosm of many foreign trade oriented enterprises in Pizhou going abroad to grab orders and expand the market. In order to help enterprises seize more overseas orders, from March 7th to March 9th, led by the Xuzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, more than 20 enterprises organized a group to participate in the International Wood and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition held in Dubai, with Pizhou enterprises occupying 7 seats. This wave of overseas rush for orders has been highly anticipated in Pizhou. During the exhibition, a total of 18 million US dollars in signed orders and approximately 14 million US dollars in intended transactions were reached. This is also the first time that Pizhou City has organized a group to "go overseas".


Going to sea to 'grab orders' is a two-way journey between enterprises and the government, "said Cui Gangjun, the head of the Foreign Economic and Trade Department of the Pizhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce. Just after the Spring Festival, organizing a group to' go to sea 'was put on the agenda. Currently, international trade barriers are constantly increasing, and external environmental uncertainty is increasing. It is difficult for foreign trade enterprises to achieve significant results solely by fighting alone. The government needs to find ways to solve problems for enterprises


The United Arab Emirates is an important fulcrum country of the "the Belt and Road", and Dubai International Wood and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition is also a key exhibition in the industry, which is highly compatible with the board furniture industry of Pizhou City. Pizhou is the largest base for sheet metal production, trading, and export in China, as well as a base for foreign trade transformation and upgrading. After learning that the exhibition was selected for the "Xuzhou 2023 Trade Promotion Plan (First Batch)", Pizhou took the initiative to coordinate with all levels and departments to streamline policies, overcome various obstacles for enterprises to participate in overseas exhibitions, and open the "convenient door" for enterprises to win overseas orders.


At the beginning of the year, the Pizhou Municipal Party Committee and Government formulated and issued the "Seven Measures for Further Supporting Industrial Enterprises in Improving Quality and Efficiency", which clearly defined seven key areas of support for enterprise expansion and innovative development. In terms of foreign trade, they focused on supporting enterprises to explore overseas markets, and provided subsidies for booth fees and personnel round-trip air tickets for overseas exhibitions. "Cui Gangjun said.


Starting from spring, heading towards the world. With strong policy support, major foreign trade enterprises in Pizhou have achieved considerable success at the exhibition.


Feiya Wood Industry is a national high-tech enterprise that mainly produces building templates and wood plastic composite building templates. Its products are sold to more than ten countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates, and the export volume of building templates ranks first in the country. During this trip to Dubai, Feiya Wood Industry did not disappoint expectations and won an order of $12 million, with an increase of one-third compared to previous years. Before we arrived in Dubai, the government had already communicated with the exhibition company in advance, and the high specifications and excellent results of the exhibition were unexpected. Being able to win so many orders was inseparable from the government's help, "said Liu Xiyin of Feiya Wood Industry.


As soon as we enter the exhibition, it's like entering the main venue. With the coordination of the government, all the booths of our Chinese enterprises have unified entrances and hung the national flag, which gives us a sense of legion warfare. Xu Yan, the sales director of Akem Building Materials Xuzhou Co., Ltd., excitedly told reporters that this collaboration has increased customer trust. Not only has the proportion of new customers significantly increased, but the customer's transaction intention is also very strong. Some customers sign the order on the first day, add it the next day, and make a payment the third day, which is rare in our past sales experience


I look forward to government departments organizing regular and multi group exhibitions in the future, leading enterprises to join forces and explore the market, "said the person in charge of Xuzhou Laiya Import and Export Co., Ltd., who returned home with a 400000 dollar order.


The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposes to create a market-oriented, legalized, and internationalized first-class business environment. This means further optimizing the business environment, reducing various burdens and costs for enterprises while empowering and increasing efficiency for their development.


In the past, optimizing the business environment focused more on reducing burden, but now optimizing the business environment focuses more on empowerment.


"Government departments take the lead to escort enterprises' going out 'and release more positive signals to enterprises." Shi Qiguang, Director of the Bureau of Commerce of Pizhou City, said that Pizhou will focus on the industrial chain, target key countries and regions, make greater efforts to promote enterprises to participate in the exhibition in groups, actively explore emerging markets in countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road", optimize the structure of foreign trade exports, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of foreign trade, and pave the way for enterprises to go overseas, To provide timely assistance to enterprises facing development challenges and to add to the icing on the cake for enterprises on the fast track, we will take multiple measures to stabilize the city's basic foreign trade market and achieve a dual increase in quantity and quality.


Source: Xuzhou Daily, March 29, 2023


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